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    Dear Falcons,

    There are two very easy ways to share content with The Falconer, which we would love to feature. 

    1. If you wish to share your photos, simply select the "Choose File" icon below this text and then hit "Upload." Your photos will be saved to our online iCloud. So that we may give you photo credit, we encourage you to save your content with some sort of identification marker.

    For example, let's say Scott du Feu took pictures of the varsity football game and wanted to share several with The Falconer. He would save his photos as Football_ScottduFeu1, Football_SocttduFeu2, and so forth. 

    2. The Falconer also utilizes to feed content into the "PHOTOS OF THE WEEK" section in the upper right corner. If you feel more comfertable with online tools and have a subscription to Flickr, we would love for you to share photos and videos with us. Send us your Flickr username by clicking here, and we might even feature your feed.

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