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    PTS Club Highlight Series: BBLB & CFW

    By: NGOC HANH TRAN '19

    PTS Facloner Staff


    I would like to welcome you on a little tour around our school to have a closer look at what Palmer Trinity’s teachers and students have offered for us. Through this series, I hope to engage you- PTS’s students to all of the amazing opportunities that are available to you.

    FIRST STOP: Room 226- the home of not just 1 but 2 amazing clubs- BBLB & CCW.

    1. BBLB- “Where education can open doors for people from diverse backgrounds”

    Founded by Noah Pirani ('19), BBLB seeks to help those students not as fortunate as those at PTS through raising literacy levels.

    How Do They Do It? Frequently 'little buddies' find a mentor in their “big buddy”, someone who cares for them and models the importance of developing good reading and writing habits.

                      Workshops take place at Gould's elementary one Saturday a month.

    Why should you join? You would be, in a way, the role model for the “little buddies” by helping them develop reading habits that last a lifetime. Your participation raises many opportunities for them.

    Any requirements? Sadly, BBLB is open for upper school students only. There is also a strict requirement for substantial time commitment.

    We believe that our students will be able to get back a real sense of pride and achievement when they realize the impact they can have on others.

    Shoutout: BBLB on their works and efforts. Together, they have helped 80 students. Thank you to Ms. Neyra, Noah Pirani and every PTS student who has given their time and mind to do this amazing work!

    PTS Big Buddies with their Little Buddies

    The society is a service based club right here on campus and offers help with written assignments about 14 hours a week, run by 18 PTS students and Ms. Neyra.

    Lastest project? They’ve been very busy working with the fair child project in 6th grade science. This year they will be participating in the Christmas Toy drive by donating approximately $100 in gifts cards to the Branches program!

    Any requirements? To apply Juniors/Seniors need to submit written work, complete an application, and if selected,  attend a training in August.

    How Do They Do It?  Students are welcome to visit before,  during, and after school hours for assistance with any written assignments.

    Fascinating Fact-This year, CFW has helped an average of  2 students a day. That’s approximately 104 student visits, so far!

    Shout Out: On the behalf of all students who have been helped by the members of CFW, I would like to say thank you to all of you and Ms. Neyra for your hard work!

    Center for Writing with their Club Shirts