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    FHS: The Secret to Their Success

    PTS Falconer Editor-in-Chief

    The French Honor Society has hit the bulls-eye with their enormously successful croissant sale. The popularity of the club’s plain and chocolate croissants has helped to give the croissant sale the designation of the most profitable and most popular bake sale at Palmer Trinity for the past few years. Osmel Alvarez ‘16 and Catherine Dos Santos ‘16, Vice President and President of the French Honor Society (F.H.S) respectively, have been hugely involved in the croissant sale since they began as members in 9th grade.

    When speaking with them as they help to manage another successful sale, their passion for the F.H.S and the croissants that they sell is clear. Both seniors help to sort money, organize other members, and make sales whenever the chance presents itself. “We’ve learned that calling out people who walk by the room is often a successful sales technique,” says Osmel, who says that the society also sends out emails and puts up posters to promote the fundraising event. “We also play French music to lure students and teachers.”

    Even though the croissant sale has become the king of bake sales at Palmer Trinity, those in charge know that there is still potential for even more growth. “Our macarons, which are back by popular demand, are, as expected, very popular at the moment,” says Catherine. According to the two society officers, the future of the croissant sale lies in the addition of French drinks like Orangina, as well as new macaron and possibly even new croissant flavors.

    Demand for the currently available macaron flavors is so high that students are now able and willing to pre-order macarons before the French Honor Society’s sale goes on, so that they can be guaranteed some of the delicious French cookies. Osmel and Cathy say that the society is currently working with the bakery that supplies them to find new ways to innovate and increase profits. Profits from F.H.S. sales benefit the PTS Haiti Partnership.



    Review: Seussical Jr.

    PTS Falconer Assistant Editor

    Many of us grew up on the classic children books by Dr. Seuss. Books such as the Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who. The Palmer Trinity Middle School Thespians recently performed the musical rendition of Dr. Seuss’s world. It included many characters such as the people of Whoville, Horton the Elephant, the Grinch, and Gertrude McFuzz. They were all brought together by the wonderful music, set, and unique story line.

    The set itself was very well done and made you feel like you were inside a Dr. Seuss book. The lighting team did an excellent job with keeping a fun and mysterious atmosphere. The colorful backdrops and trees were very eye catching. My personal favorite aspect of the set were the Who houses painted on steep mountainsides. The costume designs were also very creative and served their purpose. All these things coupled with the cute and catchy musical numbers really added up to a wonderful show that I very much enjoyed.


    Review: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

    PTS Falconer Assistant Editor

    Recently, the Palmer Trinity Thespians had their annual musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. At first glance, one may think, “How could someone possibly make a musical about a spelling bee”? Well someone did and let me say that this is the best musical that I have ever seen at Palmer Trinity School. 

    The Thespians did an amazing job and I was disappointed when it was over. Not only was the music extremely catchy and great, it was also hilarious. Every cast member gave a outrageously entertaining performance but a few actors, specifically Alec Bennington, Pedro Villar, Dylan Irigoyen, and Owen Reynolds, almost had me on the floor from laughter. Their characters were so believable and relatable that you couldn’t help but laugh or sympathize with them.

    The one musical number that really impressed me was the magic foot sequence. It was hilarious and every cast member involved did an incredible job. The costume and set design was on point, with a well-designed spelling bee set and top notch detailed costumes that really reflected the personalities of the characters. All in all this play was a joy to watch from beginning to end and not once did I want it to end. I congratulate the Palmer Trinity Thespians on their tremendous performance!


    Review: The Taming Of The Shrew


    Recently, Palmer Trinity Thespians put on a play by William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew. The play is about two men Gremio (Pedro Villar) and Hortensio (Owen Almeida) who both want to marry the beautiful Bianca (Natalie Veater). Although Bianca cannot marry until her hot tempered sister Katherina (Brenda Quesada) also has a suitor. First, I really want to point out how well done the outside stage was. Although I didn’t get to experience the play outside, I did get to see the stage as I passed by during school hours. The costumes were also very well done, I enjoyed the multitude of colors they sported and the life they brought to the play. The acting was very good and I congratulate the actors on their work.

    There were a few things that I think could’ve been avoided. I really didn’t understand the story all too well and I think this is in part of two things, the actors spoke to fast and they spoke with heavy “British accents”. Most of the time I would go a few minutes without understanding what they were saying and that really left me confused by the end of the play. I would catch snippets of story here and there and the acting sure helped in my understanding, as it was very good.

    Overall the Taming of the Shrew was a successful play. With colorful costumes, wonderful set design, and some great acting it is truly one of the best plays I’ve seen at Palmer Trinity. Two minor set backs that I believe can easily be fixed did not retract from my enjoyment of the show. I wish the Thespians good luck in their future productions.


    Community Mourns Sandy Hook, Conn.

    By Sarah Corbishley '16

    Connecticut’s horrifying tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary shook the nation’s sense of security, especially in its schools.

    On December 14, 2012, twenty-year-old Adam Lanza entered the Newtown elementary school and shot and killed twenty-six people, including twenty children between the ages of five and six, using a semi-automatic rifle and two hand guns.

    Palmer Trinity student Kelly Blary '16 said, “[It] was devastating and tragic how the children will not grow up to have the opportunities in life that I have.”

    Upper School Dean of Students Judi Jennings reflected on this horrific incident.

    "My first thought was those poor angels and then those poor parents who had to wait to see if their child came out of that school," she said.

    After the shooting, stories came out that Victoria Soto, a 27-year-old teacher at Sandy Hook, committed a heroic act by hiding her students in a closet to save them from the fate of the other first-graders. This selfless act may have cost Soto her life.

    “I would like to think that if that were to happen here I would have the courage to do the same,” said Spanish teacher Mrs. Erica Cerione.

    This appalling ordeal is not the first of its nature. Virginia Tech was attacked in 2007, and 32 people were shot and killed. In 2010, two eighth-grade students were killed by a fellow classmate at Deer Creek Middle School in Colorado.

    A similar incident occurred at Oikos University that resulted in the deaths of seven students in California, early in 2012.

    Hannah Aspinwall '16 said, “I’m not afraid that [this] could happen here because this is a safe environment.”

    “We cannot fall into a false sense [that] everything is A-okay," Jennings said.

    She asks that the students be actively aware of their surroundings.

    “We need to be more aware of each other, and take care of each other," Jennings said.

    If a student sees somebody who may not belong, Jennings suggests that they go to a teacher or administrator.

    In the aftermath of the massacre, some legislators suggested teachers should have guns in schools to protect students, but recent polls show that more people favor of stricter gun laws.

    President Obama reacted by proposing severe new gun laws that will ban ammunition magazines above ten rounds, outlaw bullet piercing armor, and enforce background checks on all people wishing to purchase these weapons.