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    Heated Debate Over Healthcare Law

    President Obama's healthcare plan, more commonly known as Obamacare, is being argued over in the Supreme Court. Conservatives, such as Professor Barnett, are not big fans of big government. They believe that the law's mandate that requires everyone to buy insurance is unconstitutional. The whole argument boils down to whether you believe the government should be able to make you buy something for your own good? Professor Randy Barnett believes the healthcare law is going to be deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court justices and that he will ultimately be in the right. The Tea Party movement has found yet another respectable conservative, in Professor Barnett, who can give a face to their desire for limited government. 

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    Toobin: 'This Law Looks Like It's Going To Be Struck Down'

    On the front page of Youtube, there are many videos that are talking about health care and how it "looks like it's going to be struck down." According to this video, many of the justices were leaning towards one side. One of the big questions asked by Justice Kennedy was, "We know that congress can regulate commerce, but can congress create commerce." This law does not seems to be following through.

    - Jonathan Chang


    Obama approves Keystone XL Pipeline

    Obama plans to expedite the permit for the southern part of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Eariler he had promised to not allow gas prices to rise above $4.00, yet also promised to not approve the Keystone Pipeline. He was recently put into a situation that now makes him choose between a conservative or liberal stance. Republicans are upset with is reluctancy to approve the pipeline, but his recent decision seems that they will be happier. As a result, environmentalists and liberals will most likely respond negatively.

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    - Stefano Aime


    Obama Takes On Republicans Over Energy Policy

    With gases prices on the rise, many people have been criticizing Obama over his energy policies.

    "The truth is the price of gas depends on a lot of factors that are often beyond our control,” Mr. Obama said on Saturday in his weekly national address on radio and the Internet. He cited unrest in the Middle East as the major factor in driving up oil prices both recently and last spring and named as contributing causes the rising demand for energy in China and India and market speculation.“It’s easy to promise a quick fix when it comes to gas prices,” Mr. Obama said in the Saturday address. “There just isn’t one. Anyone who tells you otherwise — any career politician who promises some three-point plan for two-dollar gas — they’re not looking for a solution. They’re just looking for your vote.”

    Obama went to speak in several states promoting green energy and sustainability saying that Americans should be looking at more long term solutions rather than short term ones.

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    Romney wins Illinois primary

    Yesterday, Romney won the Illinois primary. He won at leasts 41 of the 54 delegates of the state and that gives him a total of 562. To assure the election a total of 1,144 delegates are needed. Romney now sets his eyes on Lousiana. This win sets a big margin between him and Santorum, who's in second. Most people think that there is no way that Romney is going to lose, and think the republican party should start concentrating on beating Obama instead.

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    Jose F. Solis

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