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    8th Grade Dance

    Photos By Victoria Quintero '15



    McDonough On Social Networking

     By Brittany McDonough '14

    Studies show that 56% of Americans use social networking sites countless times a day. While there are many benefits to social networking, using the computer or cellphone to communicate can have detrimental consequences; for that reason, we should make an effort to use social networking less and focus more on actual human interactions. The constant use of social networking via electronic devices can be physically harmful to the body and the mind because it promotes sluggishness and the radiation is slowly decaying the human body. The interaction between two people through internet devices can also be psychologically harmful in cases of anonymous bullying and deception of identity. Moreover, communicating by means of the internet is socially damaging because kids are forgetting how to converse with someone in person.

    Children spend countless hours a day on the internet and the time they are spending online could be used more actively. One main reason for the use of the internet is to quench boredom. If using the internet was not possible, then children would most likely spend their time more actively and so become healthier. Instead children sit in front of a screen all day when a growing concern in America is obesity and just a little movement could drastically improve their health. Furthermore, the internet is extremely damaging to the brain and body because of the radiation given off that is associated with cell damage and many diseases including cancer.

    The internet can be emotionally harmful and dangerous when people fall victim to cyber bullying and the false identities of correspondents. In some social networking sites like, questions or comments are posted anonymously. Because the person commenting or questioning is unknown, the things said can be incredibly cruel. In these cases, the people receiving these comments may lose self-esteem or become depressed. With the use of these new social networking sites comes deception when people manipulate their identity. An example of this is when a person falls in love with someone who does not exist, resulting in a broken heart. Another case is if a person has lied about their identity and used that to stalk or hurt another human being.  

    The internet can have a detrimental effect on people’s ability to communicate in person and that is the scariest part, because communication is essential in any society. So much about interacting is dependent upon body language. The use of the computer to converse, robs people of the ability to tell the mood of a person just by reading their facial expression. It is continually getting more difficult for people to resolve fights, talk about serious issues, or just carry on a conversation unless done online. So much about a conversation is lost in interaction through social networking: the tone of voice, delivery of words; is it sarcastic, ironic, or mean? People have an easier opportunity to avoid others through the computer, also the decrease of personal communication is beginning to make social interactions more superficial.

    The growth of social networking may seem to have many benefits: connecting people world-wide, facilitating knowledge and discovery, or just entertaining its users. At some point, however, we should all sit back and ask ourselves, is it all worth it? Communication is one of the most important aspects in a society especially in our generation: communication between nationalities, classes, and conflict-resolution. In history we have seen entire civilizations made just based off of language and communication. The internet is costing us the ability to speak face to face, which could ultimately result in the downfall of our society.


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