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    Binary Emoticons


    PTS Falconer Staff



    Rods and cones brush paint over the Cartesian plane

    Forming a foundation of elemental points, forever increasing.

    The only three dimensional aggregate complete.
    A mural with walls and a painting with laws of physics-- so finite --

    The only existence is the gallery in art; tangible visions; opaque when held up to the light;

    The inescapable corners in a canvas of concrete.

    An endless continuity of infinite points; zeros and ones; the ancestry of Being

    And a mere sequence of geometry, enchained.

    The system bears life - body - limited

    Immure by remaining under the sun;

    Compiled by simplicity and nonexistent without.

    Condemned to lie under The Starry Night’s formulaic trust

    Of a crescent, a circle, and an ampersand gust.

    Yet the ones venturing deep develop incorporeal doubts;

    Require the infinite of the thousands over the infinite between zero and one.


    And above the unnumbered expanse -- all remains, and returns to, a wall of the added primitive.



    Skeleton Marionette

    BY: ANDREW SHODELL on 16 March 2017



    An unmoving grin on his face

    His rigid limbs praise the sky

    Stiff legs kick up dust

    As he dances in ashes

    Endless bliss etched in bone

    Strings pull from the heavens

    Hostile jerks in each direction

    In a liturgical sway

    His static smile branded

    With the comfort of anticipating his future

    The arms and legs of a skeleton marionette

    Jerking violently -- knowingly.


    *"Skeleton Marionette" was submitted for the Second Annual Palmer Trinity Poetry Contest (2016-2017) and came in Fourth place out of fifty-one poem submissions.