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    Binary Emoticons


    PTS Falconer Staff



    Rods and cones brush paint over the Cartesian plane

    Forming a foundation of elemental points, forever increasing.

    The only three dimensional aggregate complete.
    A mural with walls and a painting with laws of physics-- so finite --

    The only existence is the gallery in art; tangible visions; opaque when held up to the light;

    The inescapable corners in a canvas of concrete.

    An endless continuity of infinite points; zeros and ones; the ancestry of Being

    And a mere sequence of geometry, enchained.

    The system bears life - body - limited

    Immure by remaining under the sun;

    Compiled by simplicity and nonexistent without.

    Condemned to lie under The Starry Night’s formulaic trust

    Of a crescent, a circle, and an ampersand gust.

    Yet the ones venturing deep develop incorporeal doubts;

    Require the infinite of the thousands over the infinite between zero and one.


    And above the unnumbered expanse -- all remains, and returns to, a wall of the added primitive.