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    Class Theme Day: Homecoming Spirit Week 2017


    PTS Falconer Staff

    Wednesday, October 4th, of Homecoming Week was brimming with school spirit, as students sported costumes of their grades’ respective themes. The sixth grade’s theme of Disney ensured hallways chock-full of Mickey Mouse ears, flowing princesses’ gowns, and everything in between. Meanwhile, the seventh grade’s numerous Princess Leia hairdos and Darth Vader masks aptly reflected their theme of the Star Wars franchise. T.V. show t-shirts and back-and-forth recitations of quotes from shows such as The Office were widespread among eighth graders.

     Disney Mania

    Moreover, many Freshmen donned the billowing capes and bright suits of popular superheroes. Others took the topic of superheroes more satirically, choosing to pay homage to Netflix and Postmates instead. The Sophomores expressed their love of music by dressing in the image their favorite musicians, while the Juniors, whose theme was countries of the world, dressed in a rainbow of hues to represent a variety of flags. Last but not least, the Seniors strode down the halls in preppy attire. Onlookers were sure to have seen rows of sweater vests, popped collars, and boat shoes. Clusters of Nantucket Red were also common during F Period Lunch.

    Maximus Montepeque as Dustin from Stranger Things 

    Class Theme day ended with the revival of a beloved contest. The student body, quite a memorable sight in their many costumes, watched eagerly as a group of the Seniors vied for the title of Mr. Falcon by demonstrating their assorted talents – a wonderful conclusion to an equally wonderful day.


    Twin Day: Homecoming Spirit Week 2017


    PTS Falconer Staff

    Last Tuesday, October 3rd, was Palmer Trinity’s second spirit day of Homecoming Week: Twin Day. Students and teachers partnered up, dressing as twins, triplets, and even quadruplets. During this past Homecoming Week, school spirit was definitely in the air because students got particularly creative with their costumes. There were pink dinosaurs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, a pair of bushes, and an abundance of tutus.

    Below, triplets dress as M & M’s:

    In the past, Palmer has mostly had the same sequence of Homecoming spirit days every year, Twin Day not usually being one of them. The last time it occurred was in 2013. The reinstatement of this day, however, has been met with much success and enthusiasm. It seemed to be the students’ favorite spirit day of Homecoming Week, as everyone had planned their outfits days in advance. Seeing as how Twin Day this year was such a success, the school will hopefully bring it back for Homecoming Week next year so we can all get our creative juices flowing again.



    2017 Solar Eclipse 


    PTS Falconer Staff

    On Monday, August 21st, North America was treated to a rare sight. The first total solar eclipse in 38 years occurred around two o’clock EST to a wide range of excited viewers all across the United States.


    A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth and blocks most or all of the sun for up to about three hours. The eclipse’s path of totality (where the shadow cast by the moon on the Earth is the darkest), extended over a diagonal line across the United States. It extended from near Washington to South Carolina. Florida, unfortunately, was not in its path of totality, but we did still get to experience effects of about 80% of the eclipse.

    Although it didn’t get completely dark, there was a slight darkening of the sky and an eerie glow around Palmer Trinity members viewing the spectacle from the football field.

    Palmer Trinity members’ experience watching the eclipse can be further explained by a fellow student, junior Mariana Navarro. “The best part of the eclipse was how the Palmer Trinity community came together to watch such a special event. I was surprised about seeing a solar eclipse, because when I was little I watched a lunar eclipse.”

    This recent solar eclipse was the most viewed in history, the last one being in 1979. The momentous event brought together the whole Palmer Trinity community in an exciting viewing, and will remain one of the most stunning spectacles to be seen at our school.





    Palmer Trinity School's Mock Presidential Election


    PTS Falconer Staff Member


    For the first time in Palmer Trinity School history, we have held a mock presidential election. Headmaster Patrick Roberts said that he is curious to see who the students will vote for in this mock election. The choices were of course Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but also other candidates such as Gary Johnson, Darrell Castle, Jill Stein, Rocky de la Fuente, and write ins. At the end of the school day, they announced announce the results. I was quite surprised by the results. A total of 55% of the votes went to Hillary Clinton. Followed by Donald Trump with 31%. The reason I’m surprised about the results is because I would think Donald Trump would win by a large margin given that almost every single person I asked voted for Trump, but many people are saying that the people who voted for Hillary are the prejudice people. I think that that doesn’t matter and it’s whatever you believe in. If you’re a republican, then you’re a republican and if you’re a democrat, then you’re a democrat. In conclusion, it was a great idea to do a mock election and I could understand why Mr. Roberts would be curious to find out who the winner would be.



















    Wearing Shirts Backwards For A Cause


    PTS Falconer Assistant Editor

     On Monday, October 17,2016, Palmer Trinity upper school students organized a “peaceful protest for body positive uniform policies for all students.” This all began due to the stricter uniform policies that have been implemented  this year. Palmer has usually been known to have a very lenient dress code, and students throughout school were expressing their discontent with the stricter policies by turning their polos backward. The amount of students participating eventually caught the attention of the administration.

     After the peaceful protest concluded, Mrs. Bodie and Mr. Chapman agreed to hold a meeting to discuss dress code rules directly with students.. In the meeting, students were able to voice their concerns and opinions. This protest was spontaneous but it was successful and showed how students can come together to make their voices heard.