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    Twin Day: Homecoming Spirit Week 2017


    PTS Falconer Staff

    Last Tuesday, October 3rd, was Palmer Trinity’s second spirit day of Homecoming Week: Twin Day. Students and teachers partnered up, dressing as twins, triplets, and even quadruplets. During this past Homecoming Week, school spirit was definitely in the air because students got particularly creative with their costumes. There were pink dinosaurs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, a pair of bushes, and an abundance of tutus.

    Below, triplets dress as M & M’s:

    In the past, Palmer has mostly had the same sequence of Homecoming spirit days every year, Twin Day not usually being one of them. The last time it occurred was in 2013. The reinstatement of this day, however, has been met with much success and enthusiasm. It seemed to be the students’ favorite spirit day of Homecoming Week, as everyone had planned their outfits days in advance. Seeing as how Twin Day this year was such a success, the school will hopefully bring it back for Homecoming Week next year so we can all get our creative juices flowing again.


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