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    Class Theme Day: Homecoming Spirit Week 2017


    PTS Falconer Staff

    Wednesday, October 4th, of Homecoming Week was brimming with school spirit, as students sported costumes of their grades’ respective themes. The sixth grade’s theme of Disney ensured hallways chock-full of Mickey Mouse ears, flowing princesses’ gowns, and everything in between. Meanwhile, the seventh grade’s numerous Princess Leia hairdos and Darth Vader masks aptly reflected their theme of the Star Wars franchise. T.V. show t-shirts and back-and-forth recitations of quotes from shows such as The Office were widespread among eighth graders.

     Disney Mania

    Moreover, many Freshmen donned the billowing capes and bright suits of popular superheroes. Others took the topic of superheroes more satirically, choosing to pay homage to Netflix and Postmates instead. The Sophomores expressed their love of music by dressing in the image their favorite musicians, while the Juniors, whose theme was countries of the world, dressed in a rainbow of hues to represent a variety of flags. Last but not least, the Seniors strode down the halls in preppy attire. Onlookers were sure to have seen rows of sweater vests, popped collars, and boat shoes. Clusters of Nantucket Red were also common during F Period Lunch.

    Maximus Montepeque as Dustin from Stranger Things 

    Class Theme day ended with the revival of a beloved contest. The student body, quite a memorable sight in their many costumes, watched eagerly as a group of the Seniors vied for the title of Mr. Falcon by demonstrating their assorted talents – a wonderful conclusion to an equally wonderful day.

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