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    Goodbye to Mr. Mutter

    By: Philip McMichael '16

    PTS Falconer Editor-In-Chief

    Mr. Daniel Mutter, the advisor of the Journalism Club, will be leaving Palmer Trinity School next year. Mr. Mutter played an integral role in leading the school’s journalism program into a new era after it ceased being a half-semester course with the departure of former teacher Mr. Cutler.  Using his knowledge in the fields of journalism, photography, writing, and public relations, Mr. Mutter helped the Journalism Club to succeed in producing quality material, regardless of the medium of content. Those not involved in journalism knew Mr. Mutter by the camera he carried around campus and the candid photographs that he captured of friendly PTS students.  I have worked with Daniel Mutter for the past two years, and his professionalism and genuine interest in our small club never ceased to impress me. I want to personally thank Mr. Mutter for helping to save and preserve the worthwhile endeavor of journalism and news reporting at Palmer Trinity School. Every member of The Falconer wishes him the best as he prepares to begin teaching full-time in Austin, Texas. Thank you, Mr. Mutter, for all you have done!


    B.Y.O.D. Vs. The Surface Pro

    PTS Falconer Staff

    About 9 years ago, Palmer Trinity had decided to introduce the “Bring Your Own Device” (B.Y.O.D.) option to students. When exploring this new system, Gus Sabogal, Director of Technology, explained that one of the major issues he encountered with the B.Y.O.D. Program was that personal devices such as the iPad and iPhone would yield personal information once on the network.

    Sabogal continued by explaining the importance of being able to provide service to the devices of the students on campus. With the B.Y.O.D. Program, it became increasingly costly for TechZone to purchase software and licenses for all the various types of devices that the students had. Costs continued to inflict upon the school when TechZone attempted to provide services to devices that weren’t covered, resulting in the school having to be responsible for the costs of the repairs.

    So, in order for service to be accessible to students on campus, there needs to be a uniformity of devices. However, uniformity of devices is not the only reason why TechZone decided to require students to use the Surface Pro. The decision was made principally because the Surface Pro fulfilled all the requirements the students and faculty wanted from the new computer TechZone was going to choose. Some of the requirements included: a tablet, the ability to install programs and apps, keyboard and mouse integrated, digital pen, usb ports, and a good warranty plan. The Surface Pro was the only device on the market that had the capacity to please all the needs of the Palmer Trinity Community.

    Yet, while being able to fulfill the needs of the majority of the Palmer Trinity population, criticism of the requirement of the Surface Pro prevails. Due to the community of Palmer Trinity being so diversified, TechZone recognizes that not every single person can conform to the same type of device. Therefore, Sabogal reveals that TechZone is going to be holding a meeting with faculty in plenary to discuss the devices they will support in the future. TechZone claims to have their “eyes and ears open” for new ideas for the future device that adheres to all the wishes of students and faculty. Sabogal’s future plan to accommodate everyone, he states, is for students to be able to have 2 or 3 devices to choose from. “We are working on that,” he says. “However, we are, I think 1 or 2 years from that currently.”



    The New South Campus

    PTS Falconer Assistant Editor

    Recently, Palmer Trinity held a school wide convocation about the new campus that is being constructed on the Hester Property.  Mr. Zamek talked to students about the new facilities and buildings that will be added to expand the school. Some of these new additions include a sunken in the ground football field resembling the fields that professional athletes play in, a new running track, and a pool that is just shy of Olympic size. Not only are they planning to invest into the sport aspect of school life, but also into the arts and entertainment. A new theater is being built as well as new band facilities. To top it off, a chapel is being placed right in the center of the new buildings. I decided to ask some students from across middle and high school a few questions about the presentation to gather some opinions from the community.

    What effect do you think this will have on school life in terms of sporting events, after school activities, and other school related things?

    “It might change the campus “feel,” since it will be larger, but because the number of students will not grow much, the small, tight-knit community dynamic of PTS won’t change.” - Osmel Alvarez ‘17

    “I believe that with the addition of the Southern Campus there will be much more space to allow students to participate in large scale after school activities.”  - Pedro Villar ‘16

    What is something you would like implemented onto the south campus?

    “Maybe a newer more refined senior chickee or library-esque place that is meant for students to hangout or something.” - Alex Perera ‘17

    “I would like a nicer track and field area included into the newer campus.” - Ismael Alvarez ‘22

    What aspect about the south campus caught your attention the most during Mr. Zamek’s presentation?

    “The new PTS Classroom” - Osmel Alvarez ‘17

    “The Palmer trinity classroom and the football stadium” - Ismael Alvarez ‘22

    “The interior design of rooms and classes” - Alex Perera ‘17 


    New Middle School Math Teacher Mrs. Fresco

    By Sophia LaPointe '22
    PTS Falconer Staff 
    Mrs. Fresco is a new teacher here at Palmer Trinity School. She is married to a fireman and has 2 sons, an 11 year old and a 13 year old. She loves the ocean and loves going fishing. She says that she is thrilled to be here.

    Mrs. Fresco has taught at 6 schools! She loves being a teacher and she thinks that this job is very fun. She does not have a favorite class to teach, she loves them all. She loves teaching anything and said that she is 100% ok with the subject she is teaching. Meaning that if she got switched to English she would be perfectly fine with it.

    Mrs. Fresco is a great teacher, I should know, she teaches me Math and is very good at it. Thanks for being here Mrs. Fresco!


    Introducing Palmer Trinity’s Newest Math Faculty Member Laura Morin

    PTS Falconer Staff
    Dynamic, vivacious, and focused, Laura Morin is among Palmer Trinity’s newest members of the math department. This year, she is teaching both College Prep Precalculus and AP Calculus BC, the most rigorous math course at PTS. Morin, however, is up to the challenge, having taught these courses and others at both Ransom Everglades and Felix Varela High School.

    While some of the more competitive members of the Palmer Trinity School community may rejoice to hear that such a decorated teacher has defected to the Home of the Falcons, Morin says the switch was a matter of convenience. “My commute was a bear. I just couldn't do it anymore,” says Morin.  

    Morin says that despite her initial worries, the switch to Palmer Trinity has been a “good move.” She describes Palmer as a “really good community” and says the students and faculty are “incredibly nice.” Most recently, she was struck by the thoughtfulness of the faculty to give her movie tickets for her birthday.

    Though Morin is new, she has wasted no time in getting involved in Falcon life. She is the faculty sponsor for Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society. This year she hopes to expand Mu Alpha Theta beyond the math tutoring it currently offers and begin entering math competitions.

    Morin is also sponsoring a new club which focuses on diabetes awareness, an issue “near and dear” to her heart as one of her two daughters has type one. The club plans on doing campus education about type one diabetes and getting a team together for the JDRF One Walk for type one diabetes in April.

    Coincidentally, Morin encountered a group of Palmer Trinity students at the JDRF walk last year, and was pleasantly surprised to see a school supporting “such an important cause.” Hopefully, Morin will continue to be impressed by the Palmer Trinity School community; we are certainly impressed by the level of dedication and involvement she has already displayed in her first weeks here.