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    Visiting Artist Chats with Falconer

    By Sarah Corbishley '16


    International Festival 

    Photos by Victoria Quintero '15


    Survivor's Tale Inspires 

    By Fabiana Vivaqua '14 and Philip McMichael '16

    Brett Parks, a hero and gunshot survivor, spoke last week during convocation about recovering from multiple wounds he sustained while stopping a robbery.

    More than a year ago, Parks was walking outside his apartment complex when he heard a man cry for help. He turned the corner and saw a robbery in progress. Reacting on instinct, he dashed forward and attempted to apprehend the perpetrator.

    A struggle ensued, and Parks fell to the ground, hit by a close-range gunshot to the abdomen.

    Parks was rushed to the hospital where doctors evaluated his condition and gave him a low chance of survival. After slipping into a coma for 20 days, and undergoing a dozen surgeries, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg.

    Parks is now almost fully recovered, and he talked with Palmer Trinity School about his mental and physical recovery.

    He credits his survival against the odds to God and to others faith in him. Parks is Mr. Mealeys stepson. 


    Yearbook Wins National Recognition


    For the second time in three years, The Raptor has won national recognition for excellence from Jostens, the nation’s largest yearbook publisher.

    “Having your yearbook featured in this annual ‘best of the best’ publication is a significant achievement,” the award says. “A team of experts selected 426 yearbooks from approximately 3,000 submitted for consideration.”

    Last year’s yearbook has been awarded distinction in several categories: Dividers, dominance, photo illustration, photo strip, photo intensive and typographic.

    David Cutler, who served as last year’s yearbook advisor, said the award is bittersweet. “It’s really nice to know the last yearbook I’ll ever likely work on has won well-deserved recognition. Last year, the yearbook team devoted incredible effort and hours into making the 40th edition the best book possible, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

    Seniors Jenna Fusfield and Andrea Cantor served as executive editors.

    "All of the stress and worry was worth it," Cantor said. 

    "I'm so proud of everyrthing we accomplished," Fusfield said.  

    Peston Michelson '13, who served as a managing editor, displayed similar emotions upon hearing the news. 

    "The whole staff put so much effort into making that yearbook absolutely perfect. It's really great to know that all of our sleepless nights got rewarded with these honors," Michelson said. 


    What a 'Turtley' Cool Surprise 

    By Emily Himes '16 Stephanie Chao '16

    Before watching the shocking blowout by the Seattle Seahawks on Superbowl Sunday, Assistant Librarian Louis Chumbley found a surprise more close to home: a baby turtle on her driveway.

    “He looked like he was terribly lost so I knew that Mr. Mealey would know what to do with it,” says Chumbley, who grew concerned about the turtle’s condition and brought it to School on Monday.

    TechZone’s Brian Diaz saw the turtle laying on Chumbley’s desk, and grew curious and excited.

    “When Mr. Mealey is done showing the students, Mr. Diaz is going to keep it for a little while before it is released in a lake behind his house,” says Chumbley.

    According to biology teacher Brian Mealey, the turtle is a baby red eared slider, not native to South Florida. Currently, the turtle lives in a tank in Mr. Mealey’s biology room, along with another turtle.



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