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    PTS Falconer Chief Editor

    The yearly struggle between Palmer Trinity and Ransom Everglades has come to a close. Despite our valiant efforts, the oar has remained in Ransom’s possession. But, how did this tradition begin? Why do we gather to watch a football game that determines the fate of a simple boat oar?


    Back in 1974, the head coach of Ransom Everglades, Jim Thomas, created a trophy that would be kept by whatever team won. The boat oar was chosen because it symbolizes Palmer and Ransom’s relationship with our bay. Once the trophy was chosen, it was painted in the colors of both schools and the score of each game would be written on the paddle.






    When asked what his favorite sport to watch was, Will McIntosh (6th) said… “I like soccer a lot ‘cause its my favorite sport, but I like football to watch.” Lauren Keller mentioned that she thought the football games were really fun, and that she enjoys the school spirit and BBQs.

    Not only were students getting in on the fun, but also teachers and alumni. Mrs. Sidhu told the Falconer about her love for all the new booths and food trucks. Nicholas Sourber (16) told us that “the games are a lot more active than they used to be” attesting to the amount of people who came out to support our Falcon’s football.