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A Single Bullet

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

By: Anonymous

December 11, 2018

When news broke that a student brought “a bullet” on to campus, I have to say that I was not surprised. We have had threats throughout the years, but Palmer only acts when it has reached an extreme. Although I understand why the Palmer administration only told us what was happening on Friday during morning advisory -- since they have to respect the people involved along with other protocol -- this is not what upsets me. What seems absolutely ridiculous is that we talk about how we are responsible for the safety of people around us, yet Palmer has done effectively nothing to prepare us in the event of something as serious as a school shooting. I simply do not understand the harm in showing us -- the student body -- how to protect ourselves in case of a serious event.

As I write this, it is day 338 of the year and there have been 325 mass shootings in the United States. I understand statistically that it is unlikely for our school to undergo a shooting, but the reality is that if a student was able to get a bullet on to campus, then we should know what to do in case our nightmares do become a reality. I do not know the reasons behind why Palmer has not at least shown us a video regarding how to respond to an emergency; to me, it seems vital. The fact that the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for teens and children is firearms is reason enough for us to have a drill or some type of education as to how to act.

Yes, we do have code red and code yellow drills every year, but I am honestly surprised that we have not dedicated any time to recognize what we should do in case of a shooting. Each year there are more and even deadlier school shootings yet still no substantial response from our school. This repetitive cycle of mass shootings and thoughts and prayers is not enough.

We, as students, spend most of our days at school, and since our government repeatedly refuses to change and implement legislation that will protect our school, we should learn how to protect ourselves. We should not have to wait to be traumatized by the ringing of bullets throughout the school to act. Not only should we know what to do in case of a shooting, but we should also recognize the signs when someone is planning a shooting.

We should educate students on how to protect ourselves -- and how to not perpetuate the gun culture seen presented here. We will not “stay in our lane,” and we will not let our institutions continue to brush things under the rug, refusing to admit that something could happen here. We need to prevent it from happening, not wait until lives are lost to act. As of late, I believe Palmer has not done enough to educate its students on how to maintain safety in an intruder situation. So yes, it was only a single bullet brought on to campus; however, that single bullet could have been a single life. If someone could bring bullets on campus, I think that’s reason enough for us to take a little time out of the day to educate ourselves, since it could make a life or death difference.

I have attached videos and articles describing what to do in case of a shooting and signs that indicate someone may be planning a shooting.






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