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Are Video Games Considered a Sport?

By: Aidan Gallardo

PTS Falconer Staff

March 12, 2019

Video games have been taking the world by storm during the past few years and the growth doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down. More and more people are getting attached to these devices that immerse you into a virtual world, detaching you from reality. But, should video games be considered a sport?

All across the world, video games have created a major impact in our society. It has gotten so big that it is now getting in the conversation of whether or not it should be considered a sport such as basketball or football. The majority of people believe that it shouldn’t be considered a sport, but some believe that it should be, such as myself.

One of the major components in sports is to compete against the other teams. That is the same thing with video games. When you’re playing video games, you are competing against other players and teams, so that shows a major comparison between sports and video games.

Another reason why video games should be considered a sport is because they help improve certain parts of the body, such as how sports would. Video games can improve things such as hand-eye coordination and increase your reflexes.

Like all sports, video games have evolved into creating a variety of pro leagues. In these pro leagues, players compete and earn money whether or not they win or lose, just like pro athletes. These leagues fall under the category of the term called esports. Esports is essentially defined as video games being played competitively by professional players that are being viewed by spectators.

Believe it or not, there have been a substantial number of fans that watch these games for entertainment. They are even now showing these games on major channels such as Disney, ABC, and even ESPN.

This has been a major step forward for the esports community. The fact that these games are now creating the ability to be watched by millions of viewers across the world is remarkable.

As it states in the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of a sport is, “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” An example of the physical exertion that can take place in esports is when a competitive player’s heart rate rises during a tournament. This can model perceived exertion, which is acknowledged as physical exertion.

I believe that video games should be considered a sport and I believe that people are afraid to admit to the fact that it should indeed be involved in the conversation of other major sports across the world. The amount of competitive gaming is only going to rise more and more over the next several years.

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