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Desperate Venezuela Remains with Hope

By: Sergio Sannia

PTS Falconer Contributor

March 12, 2019

Located in the north of South America and known for its beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and for having one of the best oil producing resources in the world, Venezuela is going through a humanitarian crisis that is seeming to finally reach an end. About 6 decades ago, on January 23, 1958, the citizens of Venezuela decided to fill the streets all around the country and its capital, Caracas, with large groups of people who caused a huge protest, forcing Marcos Perez Jimenez and his team out of power in hopes of demolishing the dictatorial regime. Today, exactly 61 years later, the Venezuelans will once again raise their voice and unite as one to pursue the same dream. This is the beginning of the desired freedom. Us, the Venezuelans are not only the 30 million who live in the country, but also the millions who were forced to leave because of the harsh conditions we were starting to live in. We are currently protesting against an illegitimate dictator, Nicolas Maduro, and his administration. Millions of people are on the streets today after years of feeling tired, desperate, manipulated, and trapped. Lack of food, medicines, freedom of speech, are the consequences of many years of living under the same corrupted leaders. Why do people need to stand in infinite lines to be able to buy something as simple as rice? Rice that costs a ridiculous amount of money half the country can’t pay for.

Now, with Juan Guaido--the National Assembly leader-- not only are there millions of Venezuelans out on the streets throughout the country, but also there are millions of us who are fighting for the same dream in another country because of this government. Guaido, unlike Maduro is a well prepared politician who has shown capability to lead this prestigious country. He has been working for months to begin this campaign that started with a statement of oath in the streets in front of the whole country that proclaimed him Venezuela’s interim president until further elections. He has been recognized by multiple significant nations around the globe, and even has the full support from the United States. Graduating from George Washington University, the 35 year old politician has all the trust of the devastated country. Venezuelans everywhere are united as one with the hope that we will see an enormous transition in the government from oppressive dictatorship to a healthy prepared democracy. It is hard to express my emotional state of sad inability to help my siblings (Venezuelan citizens), because I would’ve loved to be one of those out there, but I hope justice will finally come to our country, and good news will be the headlines. As said by Ana Palazzi, “I consider myself Venezuelan, but I have never experienced what it’s like to live in such a beautiful country because it has been damaged by unprepared and corrupt people. This new election brings a sense of hope for me and my family, that we will be able to go back.” Students like Ana Palazzi, also share my sense of desperation. For us, there is only hope that with the help of Guaido, we can ameliorate the country, besides feeling worse everyday. These past 120 hours have gone by in Venezuela with no electricity, no water, food deteriorating in the fridge, and hundreds of children dying in hospitals. Maduro turned the country off, but not even this will turn the hope of a nation off. Like Guaido said “Hope was born not to die, but to remain forever.”


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