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Dunk Tank Interviews

By: Casey McCarthy

PTS Falconer Staff

March 24, 2017

On Saturday, March 18th, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, Palmer Trinity School hosted their annual International Festival. Upon arrival through the beautiful new entrance on 184th street, the cars were lined up through the parking lot, in anticipation for the exciting day ahead. One of the most popular attractions was the dunk tank, where anyone could have a stab at subjecting their choice of faculty into the icy, dirty water on a nice breezy day in the shade.

When asked if she volunteered or unwillingly signed up for the dunk tank, Ms. Bodie said, “I think this is an important day for building spirit and coming together as a community and everyone taking part in something and I decided I would volunteer for the dunk tank and hopefully raise some money for the school.” The mission of the event was successful due to the amount of participation, and the spirit was heavily embraced by the teacher. No matter the dunker’s motivation, the teachers showed they were ready to plunge into the dunk tank by always being at the ready for their shift, standing with a water gun in hand accompanied by a wide grin. Ms. Bodie definitely summed up the excitement the teachers had when saying, “It was fun to tantalize the public and see if they could knock me in, and I brought my trusted water gun so I could have a little fun back.”

Most of the faculty I interviewed said how they had signed up for the students to have a good outlet for their frustrations and anger with them. Clearly this was taken advantage of by the long unrelenting line composed of both students, and parents. Mr. Reynolds was quick to encourage parents to join in on the fun in retribution for the laborious homework assignments. It did not take much influence by him to convince the parents. Mr. Reynolds said, “Here dunk him for all the homework he’s assigned for your kid.” when a mother stepped up to dunk Sr. Carassou.

Mr. Du Feu enthusiastically volunteered both last year and this year for the dunk tank, and said he couldn’t wait until the end of the day when he could be dunked. When asked why he was doing the dunk tank, Chef Brian said that he signed up for all the kids that want to get back at him for serving fish instead of chicken nuggets and for all those sad faces when the kids tried to open the ice cream cooler when it was locked. I think another highlight of my interviews, in addition to Chef Brian’s response, had to be Dr. Beske’s choice of staff members that she would want to dunk. She said, “You know I wish I could dunk Mr. Cabrera but he has a broken leg, but he would be in there if he didn’t and then I would definitely dunk him, because he’s my friend. He would enjoy it I think.” Mr. Truby said he would dunk Mrs. Truby and Sr. Carassou said he would dunk Mr. Roberts! The teachers were all definitely excited to join in the fun, but there was also a bit of nervousness going around. As Dr. Beske was a bit nervous since she had never done it before, and Mr. Truby said he was paranoid about getting pneumonia. However Mr. Du Feu definitely embraced the craziness of the dunk tank by wearing his blue suit and special blue hat. All of the staff members off course equipped themselves with water guns, along with their witty comments to entice the crowd.

In addition to the dunk tank, next year I propose that we have a contest either between grades, or sports teams, to see which could get the most dunks. The winner, or winners, I believe, should receive free ice cream from Chef Brian one lunch period, on a non-ice cream day. Speaking of winners, amongst a few others, Daniel Benitez (6th grade) and Albert Knoepffler (8th grade), were both successful in dunking Sr. Carassou. Daniel said that it felt good to dunk Sr. Carassou because he is Daniel’s baseball coach, and Albert said he wanted to dunk Sr. Carassou because he, “thought he might enjoy the water.”

The spirit of all those participating in the entire day epitomizes the general energy of Palmer Trinity as a whole. The way that everyone worked to together as a family, from the volunteers, to the visitors, to the sponsors, to make the event happen is an ideal part of the community that all schools should aspire for. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our school and to anyone who missed it, mark your calendar for next year!

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