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Food Truck Opinions

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

By: Casey McCarthy

PTS Falconer Staff

January 18, 2019

I’ve asked a plethora of students for their opinion on the food truck and while the positive list outweighs the negative one, there still are a selection of students who have valid points that lie in the middle. Here are the results:

Positive Feedback:

“I think that the food truck is a fun addition to lunch.” -Catherine Trouillot

“I think the food truck is a great idea and has really brought new life to the outside eating area. The administration should be given credit for the good job they’ve done with this one.” -Reilly May

“I think the food truck was a really good idea because we get some new foods like french fries, and the line moves quickly!” -Alexa Socarras

“I think it’s a great addition to our community. Chef Mo is on another level!” -John-Paul Arrien

“I enjoy how it brings the PTS community together.” -Nory Aronfeld

“I like that it frees up the cafeteria a lot and that it provides more options for us.” -Charlotte Erixon

“It’s fast, easy, and has good food.” -Caleb Corbishley

“Well, I think it’s a cool idea to get more options, not only because more people can get what they want, but it also helps with the crowded lunches and lines.” -Santiago Messmacher

“Everytime I try the next new meal in the food truck I’m pleasantly surprised.” -Samantha Sourber

“I think it was an overall great idea as it gives students another opportunity and area to get food and keeps the lines moving more efficiently with the change of all high-school students at the same time.” -Adrian Garcia

“I love the innovative idea that Chef Mauricio came up with and it allows lunch to flow quicker. I can’t wait to decorate it!” -Kyon White-Royal

“I love the food truck because the food it serves is always really good! Also, it serves as an additional place to get food so the other areas, like the lunchroom and the chickee, are less crowded.” -Heather Ortiz

“I mean, I’ve only had the quesadillas and they’re pretty good.” -Fernanda Mercenari

“I think it’s a great idea because it helps to shorten the lines inside the cafeteria. It is also a good idea because it gives the students more food options.” -Aidan Gallardo

“I think it was a really good idea that provides food very quickly to all the students we have during lunch. I also think it helped make the cafeteria less crowded since many people want lunch from the food truck.” -Antonella Cueva

“It provides students an option to grab something quick to eat and is very accessible since it is on your way to the MDR.” -Dylan Dylewski

“Oh I actually like it. It diversifies the crowds for lunch, and it’s just quick and convenient for people, like me, who have meetings during lunch all the time.” -Owen Reynolds

“I think that the food truck is a really good addition to our lunch.” -Paola Birriel

“The food truck is great because it has great food and clears up traffic in the MDR.” -Michael Gomez

“The food truck is great, it’s fast and efficient. I get to enjoy conversations with high schoolers from all different grades and the wondrous sunlight.” -Sebastian Luehring

“The food is gas, Chef Mo is an OG goat.” -John Malloy

“I feel like the food truck is bringing people together.” - Jeremy Shodell

On the fence:

“I’ve never eaten from there, looks good though.” -Jacqueline Goodrich

“I think it was a smart idea, but the line is always too long.” -Nicole Vazquez-Romeo

“To be honest, I think the fact that it’s stationary kinda defeats the purpose of a food truck. I guess it’s kinda useful during games.” -Joseph Cherubin

“The line is really long, but the food is pretty good.” -Marie Alencar

“I think the truck is a good idea, but they should also serve healthier food sometimes because they already serve pizza in the chiki.” -Elena Mishkovsky

“I like how it spreads out the cafeteria traffic, but wish it served healthier options.” -Sara White

“Setting aside the unhealthy food itself, the food truck has become very popular very quickly and helps keep the lines smaller in the MDR. That being said, we’ll soon see the fate of the food truck experiment, and whether the pros or cons win out.” -Andrew Shodell

“I think most people can agree the food is very good, I mean who doesn’t like fries, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, etc.? However, I wish there were more healthier options.” -Martina Valenzuela

“I like the idea of a food truck but I feel like there should be healthier options.” -Marla Ricart

“I love it! But Palmer has been supporting an unhealthy lifestyle in the sense of food eating! ‘Fast’ food next to pizza, I don’t think that’s the best. Meanwhile there is a VERY decent salad bar inside the cafeteria. I hate to be one of those kids but I think Palmer needs to focus on healthier food options.” -Brooke Kleber

Critical Feedback:

“I like the food truck but not what they’re serving. Palmer made it a point to do away with desserts so that we can be healthier, only to start serving pizza every day and now adding the truck. If Palmer is trying to promote health, they should start by replacing the greasy food from the food truck with cleaner options.” -Carolina Soccoro

“I genuinely do not like the fries.” -Grant Foreman

“I don’t eat at the food truck, but I think we will all get heart disease as a long term effect.” -Rafaela Chediak

“Lines for days.” -Mr. Murray

“It’s only hype because it’s new. It will get old really fast, like the pizza.” -Andres Alvarez-Paul

“The food truck is a good idea but could be further improved with a clear message and purpose. The truck’s food needs to be higher quality; we should be teaching and preparing students to eat healthy so they can make well-educated decisions in the future.” -Kevin Hernandez

“I would like healthier options at lunch, because I grab a piece of pizza and then hate myself for it.” -Ms. Massa

“The quality of the food truck does not live up to the expectations.” -Anonymous

What’re your opinions? Comment below and/or submit an article. Make your voice known and influence a change.


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