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My Dad Just Threw My Juul Down the Toilet

By: Alberto Franceschi

PTS Falconer Contributor

March 12, 2019

Two years after Juul has been created, all it has done is harm, affect students’ futures, and worry all parents across the United States. In the past two years, there have been so many suspensions, expulsions, and frequent bag checks all across schools. Overall, the effects of the Juul have been negative.

The Juul is a small electronic device that has much nicotine and affects teenagers’ brains - “The prefrontal cortex is often at increased risk in teens who use substances because it doesn't finish developing until around age 25,” said clinical pediatric Nicholas Chandi. This epidemic ruining the whole country has mostly affected high schoolers, but also middle schoolers. Middle schoolers have this idea of this being cool and have no idea what they’re getting into. The pressure to be accepted and edgy is pushing them into poor decisions that have disastrous consequences.

Juul is a small electronic device which many young teenagers have. At $35, it is a vape which in two years in the market has amassed more than half of the e-cigarette market share. The first time I tried a Juul, the flavor, taste, and smoke made me want to buy one. My dad ended up throwing it down the toilet. It is very addictive and for kids that do it, they will have a very hard time getting away from it.

My cousin is a 17 year old senior who has been working so hard his whole high school life to get into the best school you can probably get into. He had a 3.9 GPA and he got a 36 on his ACT, a perfect score that very little people in the United States or all over the world get on a standardized test. It was a family day in Ransom Everglades and he was in his car with two other friends, and he never hits the Juul because he doesn’t like it but his friends were. Five minutes pass and the dean of the school catches them in their cars doing something they were not supposed to be doing. The Dean immediately sends him to the office and he gets a 4-day suspension. All three did. He had to send a huge letter to all the colleges he applied to explaining why he got suspended and what he was doing. Out of 13 schools that he applied to, he got denied by 8, deferred from 3 and accepted into 2. Luckily one of the schools he got into was Vanderbilt and at the end, he ended up going there. He almost messed up all of his high school work due to an incident he wasn't heavily involved in.

It’s not only high schoolers who are living with these consequences. My 13-year-old brother has always looked up to me his whole life. Since he came to Palmer Trinity School, he has gotten in trouble a lot and does mistakes that an 8th grader shouldn’t be doing. I know he will mature with time and realize that getting in trouble is not cool and that he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing before. One of his friends thought he was getting his bag checked and put his Juul in my brother’s backpack when he went to the bathroom. The administration called him into the random bag check and they found the Juul in his backpack and automatically gave him a 3-day suspension. His friend did not come out saying the truth and my brother wanted to be a “good friend” and take the blame for everything. Two months passed and it looked like my brother still didn’t learn his lesson. He brought a device to school because his girlfriend asked him to bring it. He got caught by the security guard, lied about his name, and second offense for the same thing means you can’t come back to school. He made all my family suffer just for an electronic cigarette which gives a 5 second high that is not worth these consequences middle schoolers are getting. This applies to everyone, and teaches a lesson about how we should act.

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