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Ode to Victor

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

By: Ariella Tamariz and Andy Shodell

PTS Falconer Staff

December 8, 2018

If you have ever walked through campus, you have seen Victor Calderon. He’s the one that is always in a golf cart greeting people with a smile -- as he has done for the 25 years he has worked at Palmer, in addition to fulfilling many other vital roles around school that go occasionally unnoticed but are essentially important for Palmer to be the way it is now. Victor has seen many changes happen on campus over the years, such as the construction of new buildings, and immense changes to the library and the cafeteria. Victor is always there in the mornings watching over students getting safely into school, and the students appreciate how much he does for us on campus.

Victor controls the parking flow every morning to allow students to cross the streets safely, then eats breakfast afterwards at 8:00. He spends the rest of the day driving around campus, ensuring that the school is safe and that there is not suspicious activity that could present potential danger -- a hefty task. Upon being asked, Victor said that his favorite aspect of Palmer is the students, who he described as cool and friendly. Luckily, there has never been any serious violence on campus; Victor attributes this to the students.

Victor is most well known for his iconic golf cart, in which he used to pick up students every morning to drive them from their car to the buildings (see The Student Parking Lot Is That Far Away? by Aidan Gallardo for more on the controversy over the parking lot) -- just one of the many actions that has distinguished Victor at Palmer Trinity. More recently, rumors spread that the administration banned Victor from driving students to and from the parking lot, as Victor started to spend most of his time controlling traffic and interacting with people at the intersection between the south entrance and parking lots rather than driving back and forth between the school and lot.

Dean de Melo commented that, “The school does not have a hard policy regarding driving students in golf carts,” however the school has asked that officials refrain from doing so unless there are special circumstances. Students continue to praise that Victor always offers to help students out and spread his wisdom and thoughts around Palmer -- while completing his job with grace and accuracy, one of the central reasons why students have a safe campus to attend every day.

Here are some quotes from students about Victor that show just how appreciative the community is:

“Victor is incredibly empathetic and always makes sure to greet each student with a warm smile and hello each morning.” -Sara White

“He’s so nice, he always says hi.” -Anonymous

“He’s my knight in shining golf cart.” -Casey McCarthy

“He makes me happy when he sits in his golf cart and waves at people.” -Anonymous

“He’s a super nice guy. Victor’s smile always puts a smile on my day.” -Gio Befeler

“He’s always there to keep us happy and safe.” -Jeremy Shodell


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