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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

By: Anonymous

November 27, 2018

Respectfully I would like to say, I have always felt comfortable at Palmer Trinity. I transferred into Palmer in the sixth grade not knowing a single person, and have grown to know almost my entire grade by senior year. Without a second thought I have always effortlessly strode down the hallways with not a single disturbance, not a single detention. This year however, it seems as though I cannot exit a classroom without a teacher unnervingly questioning my motives.

As our school undergoes a series of monumental changes in its skeletal structure- from new academic buildings to a multitude of freshly paved parking lots as well as new athletic fields- there have also been some not-so-welcoming updates in school rules for students, to name a couple: no water bottles in convocation, athletic early dismissal slips for high school, and hallway passes. Not to mention the detentions hovering like a dark cloud above the students, one slip up and you can say goodbye to your precious squeaky clean record. There’s nowhere to turn, behind every corner there lies yet another new rule you could trip over. May the odds be ever in your favor.

It seems as though the administration has trust issues, which is justified given our lack of maturity at times. At the beginning of the year I was practically given whiplash from trying to keep track of each new rule throw my way. I was baffled at the creation of the permission slips for walking to classes or tech zone, etc. during flex or advisory. I felt as though I couldn’t go anywhere on campus without the administration staring me down, like a falcon does so to its prey, just to find out if I have my navy uniform shirt on under my senior sweatshirt, which I do. Now understanding that this adjustment was made in order to prohibit students from ditching classes. I have never ditched anything in my life, so being reprimanded for other student’s misdemeanors has never, and will never register in my brain as a “justified” solution.

I will never understand the mindset of mean teachers who prevent students from using the restrooms during class because they “should’ve gone during break!” Well we’re sincerely sorry that we can’t control our body’s digestive tracks, it’s not simply, “mind over matter” in these cases. I’m sure the girls don’t appreciate this point of view because they certainly wouldn’t want to announce to the entire class that they have to use the restroom immediately due to “feminine” issues.

Now I will admit that I thought the rule prohibiting students from using water bottles in convocation and chapel was ridiculous because I thought it was to prevent disruptions during a serious meeting. I wondered to myself, “Since when has drinking a few sips of water ever caused every single head in the entire gym to turn to that student due to their inconceivable audacity to hydrate during someone’s speech?” It was brought to my attention, however, that this regulation was initiated due to the water bottle flipping revolution. The entire student population has criticized these “severe” rules, however we must acknowledge that some of these regulations are justified due to our inability to collectively act like adults in high school. With that being said, why is it that students who are generally well-known for being labeled as “well behaved”, and “mature” are now “earning” detentions left and right?


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