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Palmer’s Experience at the Drama Competition

By: Chase Howard

PTS Falconer Staff

January 22, 2019

The day of the annual regional drama competition began earlier than most Palmer Trinity students would be comfortable with, especially considering it was a Saturday; however, the cocktail of endorphins in each contestant’s bloodstream (caused by nerves) allowed each of us to power through the grueling drudgery of the morning. I had a fairly short ride; however, because the majority of Palmer Trinity students don’t live near South Miami, I was the anomaly. Once our troupe had met up at the venue, we waited...and waited...and waited. In total we spent 20 minutes waiting for one student in particular to arrive. Eventually the troupe made it inside the host school’s campus (twenty minutes later than we’d hoped to) and we attempted to claim a space for our troupe to house its supplies. The only problem was that because the Palmer troupe was so comparatively late, nearly all of the desirable spots in the campus had been filled. Eventually the troupe settled on two small tables undesirably situated in the sea of high-schoolers.

The troupe didn’t have much time to enjoy our temporary housing, and within 2 minutes of sitting down the entire troupe was forced to stand up in order to funnel into a crowded room for the ‘scene directing’ event that Max Kugler was competing in. The acting portion of the event, in which a handful of students perform a scene that has received the instruction of the director, went well; however, when it came to asking questions and examining the written instructions on the script, Max stumbled. Ultimately, Max earned a ‘good’ score for his efforts (the third highest on a scale of poor to superior) and thus began the day.

I quickly hurried from Max’s event to a grassy plot on the outskirts of the campus to practice my monologues (which I’d be performing in about 10 minutes, or so I’d thought). After running through each of my monologues I attempted to find the room my event was being hosted in, which proved to be more of a challenge than I’d anticipated. Eventually I stumbled across the room and stood outside waiting for the event to begin. The problem was that the event wasn’t beginning. I worried that we had arrived late, and that I had missed my opportunity to perform; yet, after sending a friend to the door to ask the volunteer guarding the entrance from intruders, I learned that they were running behind. I was relieved, but I had no idea what ‘running behind’ actually entailed. I was left sitting on the hard linoleum floor for 2 hours, ready to be called in at any moment. When I was losing all hope of ever being able to actually perform I was finally allowed to enter the room. After watching a few performances before my own, I was finally at the chopping block. My performance went well and I earned an excellent score (the second highest score). After exiting the room that housed my event, I hurried over to watch my fellow troupe-mates compete in various events, from costume-design to duet-musical. Ultimately Palmer showed well at the event, earning numerous excellents and a few superiors (the highest score) and we will definitely be back to sweep up the competition next year.

The final results of all students who competed are as follows:

Katia Carlo, Bryce Smith, Lena Robertson (Small Group Musical): Superior

Joaquin Molinari, Andre Fortou, Luna Karshis (Group Pantomime): Superior

Owen Reynolds (Solo Musical): Superior

Giovanna Befeler (Solo Musical): Superior

Victoria Maza, Katherine Rosie Infante, Ava-Riley Miles, Isabella Matos, Megan Maguire (Small Group Musical): Excellent

Owen Reynolds (Monologue): Superior

Ainsley Franklin (Monologue): Excellent

Chase Howard (Monologue): Excellent

Ainsley Franklin, John Paul Dodd (Duet Acting): Excellent

Tess Anderson, Lucie Williams, John Paul Dodd (Group Pantomime): Excellent

Laura Furniss-Roe, Andre Fortou (Duet Musical): Excellent

Katia Carlo, Gio Befeler (Duet Musical): Excellent

Lucie Williams, Ariella Tamariz (Duet Acting): Excellent

Lena Robertson (Solo Musical): Excellent

Katia Carlo, Gio Befeler, Luna Karshis, Lena Robertson, Bryce Smith, Owen Reynolds, Max Kugler, Katherine Rosie Infante, Andre Fortou, Ainsley Franklin, Sophie Werner, Isabella Matos, Laura Furniss-Roe, Christian Candela, Carlos Joaquin Molinari (Large Group Musical): Excellent

Ava-Miley Miles (Playwriting): Excellent

Ava-Riley Miles, Megan Maguire (Duet Musical): Excellent

Victoria Maza, Chase Howard, Laura Furniss-Roe, Ariella Tamariz (Small Group Acting): Excellent

Luna Karshis, Victoria Maza (Duet Acting): Excellent

Max Kugler (Scene Directing): Good

Sara Aparicio (Scenic Design): Good

Tess Anderson (Costume Design): Good


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