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By: Sam Sourber

PTS Falconer Staff

March 12, 2019

“I was recently diagnosed with senioritis. I am a victim of this disease”- Marla Ricart Grade 12

It’s the second semester and the final semester of our high school career. May 18th is just around the corner, and soon we will all, as a class, take our steps into the real world. But for some of us seniors, this event is approaching fast enough.

It’s called ‘Senioritis’- the warning every senior gets when entering their final year of high school. Most seniors receive their diagnoses after winter break when college acceptance letters begin to appear in the mail. You think you're done when you get these letters; you have finally received that something you have been working towards for the past seven years.

The thought that “Now I don't have to work so hard,” is a clear sign that you have senioritis. Then the laziness consumes you. How can you tell you have senioritis? Well, it usually starts with not paying attention in class, followed by bad grades that slowly begin to appear on Plusportals and difficulty with getting out of bed. You can usually point these kids out in the hallways through their apparel of sweatpants and sweatshirts or simply anything that resembles “I was too tired to change this morning, so I am wearing my PJs and I don't care”. This laziness can even turn into pure hatred for school. Asking yourself “Why am I even here?” can lead students to the final stage of senioritis-just not showing up at school at all.

Colleges don't take senioritis so lightly as high schools do. Colleges don't care and try to understand like the teachers we have at Palmer. Our teachers know that sometimes that we need a break and are willing to give us this break. Colleges just see grades plummeting and a student not caring and working hard.

They have a right to reconsider acceptances just because an A average student drops down to a C or D. Colleges want students that take their academics seriously and live up to their full potential. In some cases, colleges will give students academic probation. Academic probation means that the student has to reach a certain GPA for their first semester of college. At least this is better than a rescind, but it's a rough start to your beginning of college.

Some might say the only cure to senioritis is simply graduation. Although this might be true, there are ways that can help you reach this point successfully even with senioritis still affecting you. Most people will tell you to fight or just avoid it but trust me this will hurt you more than anything. Pretending it's not there will cause a buildup and eventually you will explode, hurting you more than anything.

Just simple things might help. Setting small goals like waking up on time in the morning will help. Getting yourself organized, studying in places that won't distract you or make you go back to sleep, surrounding yourself with those that will motivate you but not annoy you- all ways that can help a student deal with their senioritis.

Senior year can be very stressful. We all might need a personal day from time to time. Most often, students get senioritis because of all the pressure and stress that comes with senior year. It’s important for our health to take breaks when needed. The part where we mess up is getting stuck in the relaxation part. Have a friend help you if you know you are gonna get stuck. Relax for ten minutes and set an alarm to start working again. But remember taking a step back and relaxing for a bit is okay and definitely needed.

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