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Ted Talk Thoughts

By: Aidan Gallardo

PTS Falconer Staff

January 26, 2017

There is a Ted Talk called "The Transformative Power of Classical Music." It is presented by Benjamin Zander, who is an English conductor and is currently the musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. He works with young children to excel in their musical talents. This Ted Talk was about how you can hear the meaning of classical music so that you can understand what the piece is telling you. Here are some of my thoughts about it and I recommend everyone to watch it.

I thought that this video was entertaining as well as interesting, simultaneously. When someone says classical music, I think of sleep. This is because I don’t find it that entertaining to listen to and it makes me dose off. But after what the speaker said about trying to follow the scale that the piece is based off of, I can now see the meaning in the music. I could see what the composer is trying to tell the audience. I also found it interesting when he mentioned that everyone isn’t tone-deaf -- that every person could hear whether someone talking to you is angry or sad. Overall, I really enjoyed the talk and I’ve learned new things about classical music that I never knew before.

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