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The Boys are Back

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

By: Sophia Baker

PTS Falconer Staff

December 5, 2018

As of the start of the 2018 Winter Cheer season, we had a number of boys join the squad, and this was something that every cheerleader was excited for, including myself. Now, while we’re no strangers to boys joining our team -shout out to our OG Joey Badiola!- it’s always a little shocking when all the boys suddenly flood into senior tiki for five o’clock practice. Nevertheless, we always welcome them with open arms, as new boys means new bodies, and new bodies means new stunts, as well as new friends.

Of course, that’s from the eyes of the coaches and cheerleaders, not form our newbie guys. This year it just so happens that a lot of the in pour of boys comes from the football team, for whom we cheer during the Fall season. The familiar faces of Diego Messmacher and Jacob Gassenheimer, two of Palmer Trinity’s Falcon football players, recruited their fellow teammates to join them this year, bringing into our squad Kyon White Royal, Andres Alvarez, and Santiago Messmacher, as well as golf team member Kristian Fortis.

While I know most of them by name -and know the Messmachers cause they are Mexican (I wish I was kidding but I’m literally not)- I decided I wanted to get to know them better. And what better way to start that than asking them why they chose to honor our team with their presence this season? And, to be honest with you, I was very touched by all of their answers.

I’m not saying I bite the whole “heartless” or “dumb” jock stereotypes from the movies, but as someone whose male friends don’t really play sports and wouldn’t catch themselves in a cheer team ever, I’m always a little shook when I see how many guys are willing and ready to join the team. Seeing Diego and Jacob come back for their second year was wonderful though, especially since we constantly hear Diego declaring himself ‘The Next Captain’ of the team. When I talked to him about why he choose to do it again he said it was a great experience, plus a good way to show support for his fellow athletes in the basketball team.

Great minds (and related minds!) must think alike, as his older brother Santi, one of our newbies and the swiper of my unofficial title of “Best Backspot,” had similar reasons: “Even though I’m the Vice President of the Falcon Fury, I feel more engaged and like I’m doing more for school spirit as a cheerleader. It makes me feel more involved,” he said, adding that this was also ‘one last season’ with his fellow falcons (mayhaps I ‘aww-ed’ when he said that).

Aside from these siblings though, we also have our other football players, Dubai (Andres Alvarez’s nickname) and Kyon, who also surprised me with their answers to my question. Kyon, aside from cheer being a good time, thinks of it as a good way to fight hypermasculinity, and show younger students that so long as you’re happy, nothing else should affect your decision to do something. Andres also encourages others to join the team, but for the sport itself and it’s new challenges. “It’s something anyone can join, but that advances and hones your skills in a new way. It’s a great sport to try for sure.”

And, don’t worry, I didn’t forget our golfer Kristian, who cited peer pressure as the reason for joining the squad. He was joking of course, saying the he was looking forward to all the fun to come, which is something that our retournée Jacob is looking forward to as well. And you, my deer reader, should also look forward to what’s coming, as your Palmer Trinity Cheerleaders will be coming back stronger and better than ever next semester for our 2019 Winter season; see you then!


Your PTS Cheerleaders.

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