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The New South Campus

By: Francesco Lombardo

PTS Falconer Staff

November 4, 2015

📷Recently, Palmer Trinity held a school wide convocation about the new campus that is being constructed on the Hester Property. Mr. Zamek talked to students about the new facilities and buildings that will be added to expand the school. Some of these new additions include a sunken in the ground football field resembling the fields that professional athletes play in, a new running track, and a pool that is just shy of Olympic size. Not only are they planning to invest into the sport aspect of school life, but also into the arts and entertainment. A new theater is being built as well as new band facilities. To top it off, a chapel is being placed right in the center of the new buildings. I decided to ask some students from across middle and high school a few questions about the presentation to gather some opinions from the community.

What effect do you think this will have on school life in terms of sporting events, after school activities, and other school related things?

“It might change the campus “feel,” since it will be larger, but because the number of students will not grow much, the small, tight-knit community dynamic of PTS won’t change.” - Osmel Alvarez ‘17

“I believe that with the addition of the Southern Campus there will be much more space to allow students to participate in large scale after school activities.”  - Pedro Villar ‘16

What is something you would like implemented onto the south campus?

“Maybe a newer more refined senior chickee or library-esque place that is meant for students to hangout or something.” - Alex Perera ‘17

“I would like a nicer track and field area included into the newer campus.” - Ismael Alvarez ‘22

What aspect about the south campus caught your attention the most during Mr. Zamek’s presentation?

“The new PTS Classroom” - Osmel Alvarez ‘17

“The Palmer trinity classroom and the football stadium” - Ismael Alvarez ‘22

“The interior design of rooms and classes” - Alex Perera ‘17 

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