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The Student Parking Lot Is That Far Away?

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

By: Aidan Gallardo

PTS Falconer Staff

December 6, 2018

The distance of the student parking lot from campus has been one of the more prominent complaints made by PTS students, who feel as if their voices are not being heard.

The future layout of the South Campus at Palmer Trinity is supposed to be designed to have a main plaza, which contains the chapel and other classrooms at the heart of the campus. Surrounding this plaza are the athletic fields, swimming pools, and the parking lots.

“The parking lots were placed on the perimeter of the area because it keeps cars out of the walking area of the campus,” said Mr. Paul Zamek, the Associate Head of School for Operations and the person in charge of planning out the future of the south campus. He added, “It helps keep a buffer between the activity on campus and our neighbors on the east and west.”

However, many students feel as if the location of the student parking lot is a major safety concern as well as a long distance travel from their cars to their classes. But, according to Zamek, the purpose of this location is to set the eyes toward the future and put into perspective a finished south campus with classrooms moving closer towards the different parking lots.

Kevin Hernandez, a senior at Palmer Trinity, expresses his opinions on the safety of this location. “The parking lot isn’t safe for a few reasons. There’s no crosswalk, sidewalk, or stop sign for cars that are passing by the road.” He also goes on to say, “It turns into a disaster if it starts raining.”

The rain is a major concern for students that are parked in the student parking lot. There are no coverings and it is almost guaranteed that students get wet during these stormy days. When asked about how to fix this issue, Mr. Zamek responded, “I think students should just bring an umbrella. What’s the problem with bringing one? You won’t get wet if you use it.”

Every morning and afternoon, there is a massive wave of students in the parking lot walking to or from their car, forcing other cars to weave in and out of the herd of people. This is a major safety issue.

Another complaint is that the distance from the parking lot to the school campus is excessively far. The student parking lot is a long narrow strip that is placed on the east side of the south campus. The seniors have the privilege to park closer to campus while the juniors are forced to park further away from campus.

Nicholas Alvarez, a senior at PTS, shares his thoughts on the long distance walk to have to get from his car to his class. “It’s too far away from campus and it takes eight to ten minutes just to walk from my car to my advisory.”

Mr. Zamek laughed about this complaint, saying, “I’ve heard many interesting suggestions on the parking lot. Some kids told me to create a shuttle to transport kids from their cars to the drop off area in the teacher parking lot. I’ve also heard of having a sort of train that goes on a continuous loop around the parking lot as another option for transportation.”

Based on these interviews, many Palmer Trinity School students strongly believe that more should be done about the student parking lot in terms of safety and distance from classes. They feel as if their voices aren’t being heard and that the administration should be open to students’ opinions.

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