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The Trump Card

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

By: Ethan Hill

PTS Falconer Contributor

December 18, 2015

Here in our nation of liberty, in the season when peace on Earth is celebrated with carols and candles, we are brazenly plunging ourselves into a new era. For now, at this moment, we Americans who tout justice for all rally around a man who has completely abandoned such concepts in favor of hate and fear. Now, we reach the end of the age of reason, plunging into a time when a single voice fueled by a single ego can shout so hard and spout such outrageous rhetoric that he would actually stand a good chance of becoming the republican nominee for President of the United States.

Yes, we live in an age of fear. In the not so distant past, it was the Red Scare. But now, what threatens us is an idea. An idea so strong it can drive human beings to kill and be killed for little purpose outside of violence itself. This idea is infectious, spreading over the internet, seeping into social media and blossoming like a fungus, releasing new spores to contaminate more people. It calls itself ISIS.  And its only mission is to destroy. It would falsely preach devotion to a peaceful religion in order to shield the fact that it is merely a pack of hateful thugs who want nothing more than to breed more hate.

And today, we would rally around someone who appeals to fear and hate. This someone makes claims about a “Muslim Problem.” Chillingly, he makes blatant propositions that the best way to contain ISIS is to track people of this faith and even prevent them from entering our country, based on religion only. He would have us follow them, keep a database, watch over their places of worship. He would have them be identified publicly, perhaps by showing an ID badge of some sort or by wearing a yellow crescent?

Donald Trump currently leads by double digits in the polls. And since the Paris attacks, his popularity has only risen. His message appeals to fear, and his plan caters to hate. His frightening idea that we should single out human beings based on religion is disgusting and chillingly similar to other demagogues in our history. In addition, Trump’s ignorance and adherence to “straightforward” rhetoric no matter the consequences is itself a threat to our nation’s ideals. He is shouting fire in a crowded theater, threatening to move people to action against others simply because of their faith. And we, Americans, are prepared to elect him as the Republican nominee. What does that say about us? What does it say to people all over the world? 

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