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Underclassmen Blindness with College

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

By: Sebastian Lopez

PTS Falconer Contributor

March 10, 2019

After the countless months of writing college essays and having the opportunity to go to class with underclassmen as my Palmer career progressed, I realized how blind they really are. Many of them don’t realize how important the first 2 years are. They are not aware that your options get narrowed down significantly based on how your academic career looks like at the end of high school. The workload in high school gets more demanding every year and a lot of students don’t push themselves until the very end. The most simple assignments are done poorly and they do not understand how they can save them later on. I was guilty of the same thing when I was in their position and I think if seniors get together to talk to these students individually, it will open their eyes and realize the importance of performing well throughout their entire high school career.

It’s clearly evident that the students don’t always listen to teachers about how they are performing in school. If they listen about the reality of college from the students themselves in an intense environment, it will hit them harder and they will listen. Seeing my brother as a sophomore and knowing his potential makes me wonder what impact this meeting will have on him. I believe this meeting will remind him of his capabilities and help him realize that his options will be more open if he continues to work hard and actually care about his academics. I know for a fact that this meeting would have had an impact on my college process.

When people start their high school career, the opportunities are endless, especially at a school like Palmer. On that first day of high school, everyone at that moment is on the right track to go to the best universities in the country. Everyone at that time aspires to do just that. As time goes on, your chances are slimmed down every year depending on how you perform academically. No matter who you are, your chances of getting into those top universities slim down as time goes on.

My goal by the time I graduate is to speak with 9th and 10th grade advisories to help them understand how my academic journey has affected my college process. Being better prepared when they reach this state will improve their overall performance and hopefully influence the college that they end up going to. I propose we have a Falcon Forum led by the Senior class with the purpose of meeting with the underclassmen. This serves to influence their dedication towards class activities and academics. They will think twice about the academic decisions being made and will be better prepared for the reality that hits them in a few years. Being better prepared when they reach this point will improve their overall performance and hopefully have a positive impact on their college process.

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