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We Messed Up: Tales of the PTS Book Club

By: Sophia Baker

PTS Falconer Staff

November 26, 2018

While any student usually looks forward to a field trip -and who wouldn’t, as it’s a free pass out of class- this year’s book club had a rough start to our field trip.

First off, as the writer and therefore the perspective of this piece, let me tell you about how my morning started.

As I currently live in a single parent home (nope, my parents are not divorced! They were separated by the immigration laws of this country!), there is only so much my dad can do. I’m the eldest of four children, all of whom attend Saint Thomas the Apostle Private Catholic School, which any other day is chill, but on that particular Friday, posed many issues.

My dad’s morning usually consists of getting up, leaving at 6:20 to take my siblings to school, and then rushing back to take me to school at seven fourty five to seven fifty. However, Ms. Dugarte, the head of the book club and organizer of this trip, had told us to report to the library before seven thirty. Clearly, we had a little bit of a problem here.

As I am a loyal and responsible member of Palmer Trinity’s book club and Ms. Dugarte’s (unofficial) favorite senior, I couldn't possibly be late. So what did I do? I had my dad drop me off at the same time as my siblings.


I got to Palmer at six. Freaking. Twenty.

As fun as that sounds, it wasn’t. At all. Most teachers have common sense, so they get to Palmer at a reasonable hour like seven thirty, thus I was left to sit outside Mrs. Neyra’s room to wait for the writing center key for a good while. And yes, I realize I could’ve gone to the cafeteria, but guess what? I didn’t even know it was open! Turns out that the cafeteria is almost always open as early as six twenty in the morning, which my mosquito bitten legs and empty stomach were very thankful for (bless you, little blueberry scones!)

After getting myself a cup full of the aforementioned scones (yes, a cup) I texted Ms. Dugarte to ask her if I should head to the library. This was about seven to seven ten, and the response I got from her was basically “new phone, who dis?” which, first off, RUDE. But more importantly, did not answer my question. Eventually, she did save my number once more in her phone, and yes, she did tell me to head to the library, but that did not make my day better as by seven thirty there was still no one there.

There were maybe three of us (not counting the frantic Ms. Dugarte who was running around trying to get a first aid kit) which was disappointing but not surprising. In the end, the rest of the club did arrive (at around seven forty), and we ended up having to speed walk to the bus (with dear ol’ Kevin lagging behind us with pancakes -also in a cup).

But alas, we boarded the bus. We took a deep breath. We were finally on our way to our beloved Miami Book Fair.

That is, until Mr. B “double checked” the route we were taking and it was brought into light that: a) we were going in the opposite direction and b) this was NOT our bus.

We, of course, laughed it off because we’d been rushed by our teachers who basically threw us into this mess, but Ms. Dugarte was on the verge of tears, which, of course, made my vengeful, awake-since-before-five-am heart swell with smug glee.

After the drive of shame back into the PTS parking lot and a walk of shame onto our actual bus, and by bus I mean van, we were finally, truly, on our way to the fair.

Look, I know this article is about the book fair, but what we, as a whole, had to endure to get there was worth a page or two (especially what I endured!)

Mix up aside, the book fair was actually pretty fun. While we did mess up, to Ms. Dugarte’s relief, we did make it in time to Dhonielle Clayton’s panel at the fair. Ms. Clayton is the author of The Belles, a book where beautiful girls have the power to turn the rest of the ugly people in the world beautiful. (I wish I could give you a better summary, but Kevin kept my book during the break [damn it, Kevin!]) Clayton said something that stuck with me though, about how she spent so much time in high school concerned with her outer beauty and what others had to say about her, that she never payed attention to her inner beauty and what she had to say about herself. That’s something I’ve personally been working on for a while too.

Overall, the panel was great (the pièce de résistance being the one guy who asked what her book was about, as if he hadn’t been in the audience for that whole hour).

We got to walk around the book fair after that, which would’ve been fantastic had I not left my wallet at home (today was candidly a mess.) My fellow book club members didn’t make the same mistake as me though, and got to purchase some pretty cool stuff -shout out to Chase for his velvet-covered book of comic strips! The food was also pretty good -if you aren’t waiting in long lines or waiting due to cooking times like poor Kevin was (this article should be retitled to ‘Baker Bullies Kevin for Three Pages Straight’).

On our second return to the PTS parking lot, it’s safer to say that we were much happier. Ms. Dugarte could breathe properly once more, Mr. B got three copies of the same book because it was free, I spent five dollars (from Mr. B) to buy vegan cookies and then got mocked for it (by Mr. B), and everyone was resting peacefully, knowing that this was how we spent our last day “in school” before Thanksgiving break.


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