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We're Building a Car on Campus!

By: Ariella Tamariz

PTS Falconer Staff

16 January 2019

Some people have been wondering about why there is a go-kart behind the falcon’s nest. I am here to answer that question. This car belongs to the Apollo Club, a student-led project where students design, build and race a solar-powered car. The project is also aimed “to project the benefits of sustainable options for energy sources such as solar power,” as stated by the club’s creator and current president, Owen Reynolds. He had the idea to create this club after he met with Carrollton's Mr. Cassel at a Maker Fair in Downtown Miami, Carrollton being the only other school in our area to participate in the competition.

On September 13th, 2018, the Apollo Club had their first meeting in which the team was introduced to the project. The goal of the club is to build a solar powered cart to race in the The Sun Chase Challenge hosted by FGCU-Florida Gulf Coast University. For the challenge, each school participating must build a sun powered car to race, while meeting the competition standards. This week, the students in the construction team of the club are going to start working to make the cart ready for competition. The car will hopefully be finished by April of this year so our school can participate in this year’s competition.

In an interview with Owen Reynolds, he stated “I am extremely proud of the team we have assembled and the progress we have made so far, though there is much to do in little time. I am excited to watch our STEAM family grow, participate in the solar car race as well as the race to sustainability.” He also said that, “Currently, there are 12 students participating in The Apollo Project, but hopefully, more will be interested in the future.” So if you are interested in this exciting opportunity, email Owen to join the club and become part of this history-making project.


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