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Westminster V.S. Palmer: White Out Theme

By: Samantha Sourber

PTS Falconer Staff

November 9, 2018

This was one of the most important games of the Palmer Trinity boys football season. They have already made history by bringing the oar back home from the Raiders and have had an amazing record of 9-2. This was the third game against the Warriors and the big tie breaker. The Palmer Trinity Falcons had a rocky start to the game and let a touchdown slide by making the score 0-10 the first two halves. With 11 seconds left before the refs called halftime, number 44, (Kyon White-Royal) grabbed the ball from our quarterback, number 13 (Nico Casares) and pushed through Westminster’s defense, scoring our first Falcon touchdown. Number 10 (Andy Montana) had a good kick, scoring at the end of the first half 10-10. With a great locker room speech from head coach (Coach Reese) the boys were running onto the field with so much excitement and adrenaline to finish this game. Both teams were playing hard, making it almost impossible to score on either side. At the end of the third quarter, number 44, Kyon White-Royal, did it again and ran through the defensive line, making the score 14-10. With just a few seconds till the game ended, the Falcons took a knee and the crowd rushed the field for the great win. A bad call from the refs was made, calling a foul for excessive cheering, and making the players finish the last seconds of the game. The ball went to the Warriors, 10 yards away from making a touchdown and our players pushed to defend themselves from tying the game once again. The Warrior’s quarterback threw the ball and number 6 (Kyndal Royal) made an interception and ran to the other side of the field. He scored the final touchdown in the last 5 seconds of the game, making the final score 22-10.

Kyndal Royal said, “The team played very well, especially the second half and I personally think that I put a lot on the line to get this win. This was our first Palmer Trinity playoff win and having the joy of beating Westminster twice was amazing. The second time we played against Westminster I didn’t play my best and my hardwork and effort in this game really made up for that.”


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