• The Falconer

~Anonymous Poetry~


Adrenaline is an addictive drug

Astonishing yet short-lived

Expedites throughout the body

Leaving no time to apprehend the roller coaster just ridden

Memories are the remnants

Longing the ability to press restart

Emotions hitting the body like a boxer strikes a punching bag

The contemplation followed by the confusion

Attempting to shelter the anger within my soul

Failing to restrain the tears

Tough times don’t last, tough people do


Rebirth of a Phoenix

A green anole awaits a drop of sun

On branches perched upon the ashy ground:

A tempest whips the golden ghoul to shape

Of branches, fallen heroes of the sky,

Reconstructing sounds that feign to last,

Except in forms of brown and gray intact

In wake of deadness, drained by bees and hearts.

A repetition of the lack of sound.

In fire, screeches from the phantom grasp

The consciousness of poorness in the night.

The black and red majestic Phoenix flame

To silhouette the darkness of the Earth.



she draws me towards her

enchanting me with the promise of divine island beauty

she inhabits my vivid dreams

verdant emerald mountains hiding an idyllic paradise

of golden sands and sapphire waters beyond

she envelops me with her perfume of jasmine and frangipani

her fragrant breaths redolent of hot spices and rich cocoa

she fills my ears with the dulcet tones

of steelband spells and patois charms

i am home



...The timer counts up

With the endless goals put forth

The timer counts down...


Silent Whispers

*[This poem has a trigger warning because the content talks about suicide]

The swirling grey fog blankets the city.

The towers of the red bridge

peer through the clouds

as the wind howls like a lone wolf.

He sits on the cold metal railing,

sanctuary to those who suffered the same.

Blankly staring into the horizon,

he hears a whisper calling his name.

Trying to locate

the source of this sound

On his shoulders two voices,

sincere and profound.

On the right, the Angel

his voice harmonious and clear.

On the left, the Devil

ferociously feeding him fear.

“Don’t do it my friend!”

“There are many who care.”

“This life is a waste,

an incessant nightmare.”

Back and forth they argued,

trying to influence his fate.

Little did they know,

it was already too late.

His memories depressed and broken,

From years gone by.

He knew no one would miss him

if he were to die.

“Is it worth it?” he thought.

“Should I jump, should I stay?”

His mind raced all too quickly

But he knew down was the only way.

The Angel tried hard

to eke out a win.

But the Devil triumphed

by relying on sin.

So he jumped down below,

into the mysterious abyss.

He accomplished one thing,

that gave him pure bliss.

As for the Angel and Devil,

they were simply alright.

Unbothered, unphased

By their previous fight.

There will be many more souls.

for the two to coerce.

Some will leave in a taxi,

Some will leave in a hearse.

The swirling grey fog blankets the city.

The towers of the red bridge

peer through the clouds

as the wind howls like a lone wolf.

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